Sunday, April 6, 2008


Boys Graded Top 3
From left: Farhan Afiz (NSE), Mohd Zafiq Syaddiq (PRK) and Mohd Shahril Afifie (PAH)

Boys Open Top 3
From left: Mohd Amirul Afif (KUL), Muhd Amin (PRK) and Mohd Shafiq (SEL)

Girls Graded Top 3
From left: Sonia Teoh (MEL), Nursyamimi (PRK)
and Nur Farah Asyiqin (PRK)

Girls Open Top 3
From left: Nadya Izzati (SEL), Syaidatul Afifah (PRK) and Hurul Ainul (NSE)

The Open bowlers opened their campaign in the Perak Leg at 9am in the morning. They bowled their first round of 8 games and Syaidatul Afifah and Equine Lam of Perak came out tops.

Immediately after the Open Round 1, the Under 12 took to the stage. This is the first time, the Under 12 is being organized in the Sportexcel Circit here in Semenanjung Malaysia. Each state can only send 3 boys and 3 girls and we received 22 boys and 14 girls. They bowled a total of 6 games and the Top 12 from each category will qualify for tomorrow's masters event where they will bowl another 6 games. Ahmad Aidil from Kuala Lumpur and Natasha Roslan from Selangor are leading the pack.

Will write more later on. Am really tired! The results of today can be downloaded from the Download Box. Sorry guys!