Saturday, May 10, 2008


Today was the longest day ever...

Mohd Amirul Che Amat - Boys Graded Round 1 Leader

Started out with the Boys Graded Squad A with only 18 bowlers bowling comprising of bowlers from Negeri Sembilan, Kedah, Terengganu and 1 extra Pahang bowler. Mohd Amirul Che Mat, the champion of the boys graded event in Perak took over the lead from Mohd Afnan Syafiq of Pahang with a massive average of 199.50 after eight games.

Ainaa Khairina (PRK) - Girls Graded Round 1 Leader

Then came the girls graded dominated by Ainaa Khairina of Perak with an outstanding total of 1542 pinfalls to lead Sharifah Marissa of Selangor by 107 pinfalls and Nur Shamira of K.Lumpur by one pin more.

The Squad B which had the most bowlers bowling followed after and Mohd Zafiq Syaddiq came close to Amirul's total but fell short of 35 pins.

Boys and Girls Open Round 1 Leaders - Mohd Aili Amirul (SSBP) and Nazira Nasir (PAH)

The last squad was the combination of the Boys and Girls Open bowlers who only had 20 bowlers; 15 boys open and 5 girls open. The reason for the very disappointing participation in the open category is due to the SUKMA Games which will begin at the end of this month and bowlers representing their state are all busy doing their final preparations. The leaders in the Open categories are Mohd Aili Amirul of SSBP and Nazira Nasir of the host state, Pahang.

The Under 12 bowlers will be bowling early tomorrow morning followed by the 2nd Round of all the other categories.

Today's results can be downloaded from the box on the left.